Feature Summary

Feature Summary of Northwest Africa 5000 Main Mass:

Classification: Unique Gabbro Breccia From The Lunar Highlands
Found: July 2007, Western Sahara (Southern Morocco)
Certified Weight: 6,072 Grams (13 Pounds 5.73 Ounces)
Overall Dimensions: 24cm X 21.4cm X 9.8cm (9-1/2" X 8-1/2" X 3-7/8")
Window Dimensions: 24cm X 20.6cm (9-1/2" X 8-1/2")
Presentation: Fusion Crusted Main Mass With Regmaglypts And Polished Window
Monikers: "The Rock", "Cosmic Masterpiece", "NWA 5000", "NWA5K", "Monolith Monster", "The Mona Lisa Of Moon Rocks"
Lunar Provenance: Earth and Space Sciences - University of Washington, Earth and Planetary Sciences - Washington University in St. Louis, Geophysical Laboratory - Carnegie Institution Washington D.C., Berkeley Geochronology Center - Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, Department of Physics - Purdue University, ETH-Zurich, NSF Arizona AMS Facility - University of Arizona, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory & Department of Geological Sciences - Florida State University

Important Features:

  • Largest Lunaite From The Lunar Highlands Ever Found (World Record)
  • Currently Larger Than Any Moon Rock In The Apollo Collection
  • Most Displayable Moon Rock In The World (A True Cosmic Masterpiece)
  • Record Setting Formal Appraisal Given At $7,286,400.00 
  • Surveyed As #1 With A 24.8 Out Of A Possible 25 Points, Previous Record Is 21 
  • Independent C.O.A. Rating Of 10+++++, The Best In The World
  • Considered Number One In Desirability (Discussed At 39th LPSC In Houston)
  • Official Status Recorded In The Meteoritical Bulletin 93
  • Incredible Contrast Between Lithologies (Gray Scale)
  • Oriented Breccia Mantles Lend A Unique 3-D Appearance To Flat Surfaces
  • Very Fresh Interior With Minimal Weathering
  • Fully Regmaglypted Exterior (Ablative Surface From Atmospheric Entry)
  • Great Desert Patina On External Surfaces
  • Perfectly Cut, Lightly Polished Window
  • Extreme Scientific Value (Came From Previously Unsampled Part Of The Moon)
  • Solar Wind Implanted Gas Vesicles (Helium 3)
  • Most Metal-Rich Moon Rock Ever Found
  • Multi-Stage Brecciation Recording Several Geological Events On The Moon
  • NASA Official Has Requested A Registry Of First Round Distribution
  • Although Only Recently Announced, Has Created World Wide Interest
  • Managed With The Strictest Protocols Possible To Ensure Legendary Status